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We promise to only provide you with the freshest produce and products possible. The farm to table time frame is important to us at Bio and we are here to ensure what you feed your family is fresh from the farm.


Fueling the body with high quality food and products is something we take seriously at Bio. That’s why it’s our responsibility to ensure you are getting the freshest, most honest, clean products possible, not those that squeak by organic guidelines.


Working with local farms is high on our list of priorities. We promise to work with Maine farmers whenever possible to keep your dollars local, your food fresh and your local farms healthy.

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Why Organic?

Benefits of Organic


Fewer Pesticides.

Food is Fresher.

Organic farming is better for the environment.

Organically raised animals are not given hormones, antibiotics or byproducts.

Organic meat and milk are richer in nutrients.


Benefits of Local Organic

Local Organic

All money stays in the local economy.

The farmer often gets more money.

The economy saves out of state marketing dollars.

The average meal travels 1,500 from farm to table. Less miles means fresher, ripe produce and no extensive processing.

You get the freshest food possible.

Benefits to You

Your Benefits

More nutrients for your health.

Better taste.

More healthy fats.

More antioxidants in some cases. Research shows organic onions have 20% more than non organic!

Can help improve your immune system for more energy and less sick days.